Rojotango 1

Thiel, Karin

  • Abstract art/informal painting: Strong expression, intense colours.
  • Form and colour with framing by fine lines and bars create a colour tone.
  • Spaces, colour landscapes and fields of tension.

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"I paint my pictures with acrylic and oil paint, - on canvas and mainly with spatula and flat brushes.

I take my motivation from the painting itself and my goal is always the representation of abstract, fictional forms. My paintings do not tell political or anecdotal stories, but they illustrate a reality of their own.

I paint spontaneous colour superimpositions - again and again - I correct the picture until a homogeneity and a colour tone is created.

In doing so, I put the emphasis, for example, on a certain colour, let other colours recede and consciously use fine lines and bars as a design element. This creates tension, order, division - the chaos of colour layers is restrained, spaces, colour landscapes and fields of tension are created.

My works are abstract and find their origin in informal painting.

This opens up the freedom of my artistic creation: a wealth of signs, traces and instinctive brushstrokes can fill the space of my paintings and I can give free rein to my creativity.

Since my paintings are only created through the painting process, the naming of the paintings takes place after completion.

The painting itself finally inspires me to find the name."

© Karin Thiel and Gerd Brunschede -


Born in Olterterp/Zwolle NL, married, 3 children, lives in Geilenkirchen

Member and Management Board BBK Aachen/Euregio e.V.


Beginning of intensive painting

- Acrylic and watercolour painting with Jochen Jung, Herzogenrath

- Nude drawing with Herbert Albin Knops, Cologne

- Oil/acrylic painting with Prof. Dieter Crumbiegel; Private art school Heinsberg/Karken

- Drawing with Hermann Josef Mispelbaum, Übach Palenberg

- Acrylic painting with Antonio Máro, Aachen

Last exhibitions

- February/March 2018 "Reflections" at Zweibrüggen Castle, Übach-Palenberg

- April to June 2018 "Up_Date" exhibition Galerie Kulturwerk Aachen

- Art tour 2018 Heinsberg district, open day of the open studios and galleries

- September 2018 Exhibition "Image-Space-Space-Sculpture" in the Annahalle Aachen

- January/February 2019 "Compagnons 2019" GK-Kunst Geilenkirchen

Since 2005

Permanent exhibition of my pictures at the Raiffeisenbank Heinsberg and branches

© Karin Thiel and Gerd Brunschede -

Technique: Lacquer colour/Spatula
Surface: Lightweight board
Year: 2015
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: Form and Colour
Style: Abstract Art
Time Period: 21th Century
Image Size: 140 x 100 cm
Total Size: 142 x 102 cm
Orientation: Landscape
Primary Color: Red, Yellow
Secondary Color: White

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