Shipping Information

We want you to enjoy your art work as much as possible. That is why we pack every art piece with the greatest care, using high-quality packaging materials.
The costs for shipping includes the (extra) labor, (extra) materials and the shipping itself.
We ship your art piece with UPS, DHL or PostNL. You can track your package using the 'Track and Trace'-code.
According to the dimensions and material of the art piece, we send it flat or in a tube.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to be of service.

Shipping costs


EU € 35,00
Europe (non-EU) € 50,00
North-America € 60,00
South-America € 60,00
Asia € 60,00
Central America / Antilles € 60,00
Oceania € 60,00
Africa € 60,00


25 kg < 60 kg < 1000 kg
EU € 175,00 € 300,00 € 500,00
Europe (non-EU) € 175,00 € 300,00 € 500,00
North-America € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00
South-America € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00
Asia € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00
Central America / Antilles € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00
Oceania € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00
Africa € 250,00 € 450,00 € 650,00


We deliver all items with warranty that can be expected from the item. However, there are some conditions to return your artwork. Customized products cannot be exchanged. The following return policy applies to all other products.

If an item, despite of our care and special carrier, still arrives damaged to you, it can of course be returned. You can inform us by e-mail. In that case we ask you to attach the order-confirmation of the returned good(s), so that a quick settlement is guaranteed.

Return Policy

1. Communicate your return-order through email or phone.
2. The item needs to be returned to us within 14 days of your notification. Make sure you attach the invoice and order-confirmation.
3. Make sure you send your shipment sufficiently franked. Unstamped returns can unfortunately not be accepted.
4. The item must not be damaged and needs to be returned with the original packaging
5. After receiving the article with the corresponding invoice, you will receive a confirmation from us and the purchase price including shipping costs will be transfered to your account within 14 days.
6. Provide all necessary information so there is no delay in your return

We will refund the full amount including the shipping costs for a fully returned order. If you return a part of your order, we will refund the paid amount of the returned item to your account.