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Artworks by Artist: Thiel, Karin


Born in Olterterp/Zwolle NL, married, 3 children, lives in Geilenkirchen

Member and Management Board BBK Aachen/Euregio e.V.


Beginning of intensive painting

- Acrylic and watercolour painting with Jochen Jung, Herzogenrath

- Nude drawing with Herbert Albin Knops, Cologne

- Oil/acrylic painting with Prof. Dieter Crumbiegel; Private art school Heinsberg/Karken

- Drawing with Hermann Josef Mispelbaum, Übach Palenberg

- Acrylic painting with Antonio Máro, Aachen

Last exhibitions

- February/March 2018 "Reflections" at Zweibrüggen Castle, Übach-Palenberg

- April to June 2018 "Up_Date" exhibition Galerie Kulturwerk Aachen

- Art tour 2018 Heinsberg district, open day of the open studios and galleries

- September 2018 Exhibition "Image-Space-Space-Sculpture" in the Annahalle Aachen

- January/February 2019 "Compagnons 2019" GK-Kunst Geilenkirchen

Since 2005

Permanent exhibition of my pictures at the Raiffeisenbank Heinsberg and branches

© Karin Thiel and Gerd Brunschede -

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items