Welcome to our art platform. In our gallery you will find a large selection of framed art, paintings and paper prints ready to hang on the wall. Buy works of art from famous (modern) artists with handmade frames and matching passe-partouts. We also offer art on paper without a frame.

In addition, a large number of contemporary, active, international artists from all over the world present their works on our platform. / In addition, a large number of contemporary, actively creative, international artists from all over the world present their works via our platform.

Impressionism, old masters, art from the romantic or modern painting and sculptures / and sculptures. With us, as a customer, you can easily and safely find the item that suits your house, apartment or office.

The spectrum ranges from paintings and works of art on the subjects of landscapes, animals and people (including nude art) to portraits and still lifes as well as abstract and concrete art. / as well as Abstract and Concrete Art. We also have exclusive and affordable lithographs on offer. Or buy oil paintings, screen prints, giclées and exhibition posters, art photographs and other prints.

With Colonia Art you buy a beautiful work of art. Fast and safe.


A visual and mental journey of discovery into a world of art is the passion of Colonia Art. Art lovers and collectors will find a wide range of artists and artistic expressions: from high-quality prints, paintings and sculptures.

We consider the expansion of our own collection with works by active artists above all as an enrichment and a qualitative flagship for the Colonia Art platform. Our team offers aspiring contemporary artists a digital platform for the individual presentation of their works and their artistic creations.

Our team consists of employees from the fields of art history, computer science, design and marketing. We offer artists and buyers different competences for the sale and purchase of artworks: such as advice for a selection of works, description of artworks and background information.

Via different categories and by presenting special projects we would like to invite and inspire you to dive into the wonderful world of art.


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