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Indiana, Robert

  • Limited Edition print from "The American Dream" Series
  • Pop Art Serigraph
  • Published in 1963 by Multiples, Inc. as a felt banner.

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This is a serigraph of the first in Indiana's series of reinvention of the American flag.  The format, circle in the middle of the piece, allows the piece to be displayed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. This marks the beginning of Indiana's long tradition of redesigning the American flag.

Robert Indiana is an American painter, sculptor and, as he calls himself, sign painter. Indiana is most famous for his Love sculpture series: the "LO" and "VE" stacked on top of each other. These can be found in more than 30 locations all around the globe. The original one is at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Robert Indiana is frequently associated with Pop Art.

Technique: (Color) Screen Print / Serigraphy
Year: 1997
Country of Origin: United States
Topic: World Cultures
Style: Pop Art
Time Period: 20th Century
Total Size: 55,88 x 43,18 cm
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Blue
Size: Small (till 60 cm)

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