Rembrandt in Bronze: The Fall of Man

Ratzabi, Anat

  • B28
  • Etching: 1638
  • "Painting in Bronze" Is a series of bronzes, true to the spirit of Rembrandts original etchings.
  • The serie was recieved with great appreciation and was exhibited in varies galeries and museum in the Netherlands and around the world.

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About the Rembrandt project:
''Through careful observation of his evocative work, Anat entered into a powerful Dialogue over a 2-year period. What emerged is a distinctive, melodious balance of dimension and proportion.
This artistic expression is authentic to both the Master and this contemporary artist. Anat appears to express herself in a very strong and exclusive way.
Her sense of dimension and proportion is accurate as well as the way of rendering is melodiously.
Observing the work of Rembrandt, she has challenged herself into a process of a dialogue With the originals, Maintaining own authenticity and artistic identity.''
Curator Quote from the Give & take exhibition Pune, India.

rembrandt in bronze project by anat ratzabi her biography and pictureAnat is an internationally reputed and established contemporary artist. She lives and works in the Hague, the Netherlands and has participated in many exhibitions at various museums and galleries in the Netherlands and other venues in Europe such as Belgium, Italy, England and Scotland. She has realized private and public significant commissions as well as projects for the municipality of the Hague, NL. from re-designing a city park (tromptuin) to the great Holocaust memorial monument at the center of the city/ Rabbijn Maarsenplein. Internationally she has exhibited in places like Pune/India, New york, Miami and Buenos Aires, To name just a few.

Her work is published in different books and generously in the media. Anat creates a complex and intricate visual works using a variety of technics, which she combines in an authenticate manner. From video art, to installations and surrealistic bronze en stone sculptures. from ethnic patterns to abstractism.

The underlying essential statements and narratives behind her works deal directly with her experiences of multiculturalism and switching frameworks. it aims to bridge extremes by embracing opposites: secular and holy, traditional and contemporary, order and chaos.

Artist statement

Transformations in cultural frameworks and the annexation by overwhelming waves of extreme shifts of mind, often leads to the temptation to abandon the challenges of sophistication and seek the warm cradle of traditions.

I often use this concept as a canvas to illustrate the vicissitudes of existence over time, emphasizing the thin line between primitive and supreme - That, as an attempt to challenge the infinite conflicts between creeds and cultures and distinguish the essence of separate entities.

Technique: 3D-figure
Surface: Bronze
Total Size: H: 88 cm
Materials: Bronze

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