Afromuse Man

Ofili, Chris

  • Print on 100% cotton linen
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Chris Ofili, a celebrated British painter born on 10 October 1968, emerges as a Turner Prize laureate renowned for his daring incorporation of elephant dung into his captivating artworks. As a prominent member of the esteemed Young British Artists collective, Ofili's creative genius knows no bounds. Following his creative journey, he found solace and inspiration in the vibrant landscapes of Trinidad and Tobago, where he currently resides in the enchanting city of Port of Spain. A nomadic spirit, he also thrives in the bustling art scenes of London and Brooklyn. In 1992, an invaluable scholarship beckoned him to Zimbabwe, where he immersed himself in the ancient wonders of cave paintings. The profound impact of this experience lingers in his artistic style, infusing his creations with an unmistakable essence.

Total Size: 65,0 x 48,5 cm
Orientation: Portrait

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