Selle, Annette

Dive into the beauty of this abstract water landscape, adorned in soft shades of blue, silver, and white. This harmonious and peaceful painting invites you to lose yourself in its tranquil atmosphere. Through the use of oil paint, it creates a fascinating depth and vibrancy that captivates the eye. Discover the magic of this unique artwork from Annette Selle, combining elegance and serenity.

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This is how the painter Anette Selle describes her work in her own words:

For a long time, the theme of "sea" has been artistically occupying me, with its vastness, infinity, freedom, depth, threat, primal force, and beauty. It is about the questions of perception and the confrontation with the meaning we assign to the surfaces of the world.

My sea motifs are placed in the present and thereby transcend the depth of space and time.

I am interested in the question of when applying color becomes autonomous and follows a plan? When is the point reached where the applied paint on the canvas becomes an image? When does the color material transform into an independent image? I ask myself such questions again and again during the painting process.

All questions are forgotten when my painting surprises me. Then the autonomy of the image is achieved. A very good feeling.

I want to create an art space in my paintings that allows the viewer the freedom to connect with their own reality.

Annette Selle
Studied painting at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, also art education at the Humboldt University.
Since 1999 continuous exhibitions. Study visits with subsequent exhibitions in France, Italy and Spain.
Since 2015 senior lecturer at the youth art school Atrium in Berlin.
Member of the Netzwerk Frauenmuseum Berlin and Brandenburger Verband Bildender Künstler e.V.
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2021 Kunsthalle Brennabor, Brandenburg an der Havel (E, mit Claudia Güttner), Galerie aquabit, Berlin (G)
2020 Zwitschermaschine Berlin (G, with Frauenmuseum Berlin), Galerie aquabit, Berlin (G) Form und Rausch, Altes Rathaus Wittenberg (with Claudia Güttner and Jörg Kuß).
2019 Galerie am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (S), Willy Brand-Haus "Stimmen!", (with Frauenmuseum Berlin) Berlin (G)
2018 Kunstscheune Barnstorf, Wustrow (G), Galerie am Gendarmenmarkt (S), Galerie Alte Schule, Berlin-Adlershof (with Frauenmuseum Berlin) (G)
2017 Galerie am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin (G), art nou mil.lenni gallery, Barcelona (G)
2016 Art Barcelona (art nou mil.lenni gallery Barcelona) (G), Otto-Galerie, Munich (S), Berlinische Galerie (G), Kunstfestival 48h Neukölln (Frauenmuseum Berlin), Kloster Chorin (S)
2015 Kunstwerk/Werkkunst, Schloss Reinbek (G), Galerie aquabit, Berlin (S)  
2014 Position Berlin (with Frauenmuseum Berlin), Kommunale Galerie im Historischen Keller, Berlin-Spandau (S), Kunstflügel, Rangdorf (S), Klostergalerie Zehdenick (S)
2013 Galerie im Kloster, Ribnitz-Damgarten (S), Galerie aquabit, Berlin (S)
2011 Brandenburg Art Prize, Schloss Neuhardenberg (G), Galerie Ei, Berlin (S), Galerie aquabit, Berlin (S)
2009 Galerie Tammen, Berlin (G), Libnow Manor House (S)
2008 Collection exhibition Willy Brandt-Haus, Berlin (G)
2006 Kunstscheune Barnstorf (S)
2004 Art exhibition "Zeitgenössisch", Berlin (G), Galerie des Kunstvereins Bautzen (S)
2003 Galerie Tammen und Busch, Berlin (S)
2002 Galerie Otto, Munich (G), Bautzen Autumn Salon (G)
2000 Galerie 100, Berlin (S), Galerie Pohl, Berlin (S), Communication Center, Luckenwalde (S)
1999 Galerie S, Berlin (S), Galerie Bel Etasch, Berlin (S), Chiesa San Biagio, Tuscania / Italy (G)

Technique: Oil Paint
Surface: Canvas
Year: 2023
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: Water landscape, lake
Style: Between realism and abstraction
Image Size: 140x120cm
Total Size: 140x120cm
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Silver and white
Editions: 1 (Unique)
Genre: Landscape

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