City Birds

Amani Dorp, Anita

  • "City Birds", artwork by the artist Anita Amani Dorp.

  • Amani Dorp has been fascinated by the perfection and grandness of nature since her childhood, which as the source of art is always the starting point for her inspiration.
  • The result is abstract, color-intensive works that express moods and feelings.
  • It is difficult to elude the colorful sensuality of nature that you feel in her works.

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Anita Amani Dorp (*1973, Wesel, Germany) shows in her abstract pictures her view of nature, which is always the starting point of her works.

After completing her studies of painting and graphic design at the IBKK Bochum, she graduated in 2010 in the master class of Prof. Dr. med. Qi Yang. As a member of the artist group MAL-ART Hamminkeln (since 2007) and in various art projects, a predilection for watercolor, oil and acrylic painting, as well as spatula techniques has developed.

The result is abstract, color-intensive works that express moods and feelings from their personal source of inspiration, nature. Motifs with humans, animals and flowers are central themes of her work. The tinted pictures are reminiscent of fossils or earth cuttings.

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Technique: Mixed Media
Surface: Collage
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: Animals
Style: Contemporary Art
Time Period: 21th Century
Total Size: 50 x 100 cm
Orientation: Landscape
Primary Color: Grey
Secondary Color: Brown
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)

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