Schlanstein, Elisabeth

  • Everything is Corona. Everywhere in nature we find forms that resemble the coronavirus, especially among many very beautiful flowers. For all their beauty, however, many of them can be absolutely destructive.




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Elisabeth Schlanstein

  • born 1952 in Essen NRW
  • 1972 studied art history and civil engineering at the Aachen University of Technology
  • 1974 studied pedagogy and special education in Aachen and Hagen
  • 1980 founding member of the studio community "Werkstatt 80" in Krefeld
  • 1997-2007 Chairman of the Professional Association of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in the Lower Rhine District
Group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, prices (selection)
  • 1987 Prize in the competition "Memorial for the victims among the forced laborers of the Nazi regime" Krefeld main cemetery
  • 1991 Prize in the fountain competition for the Waldniel market square
  • 1993 LEG award for a sculpture idea for the Rhine Service Center
  • 1995 Competition exhibition Goerdelerehrung Rathaus Leipzig
  • 1996 INSTEAD OF BAD KUNST Krefeld, exhibition by the Frauenkulturbüro NRW Kunstverein Krefeld Kunst-Werkstadt, Düsseldorfer Stadttor
  • 1997 "Infinities" KUFA Krefeld
  • 1998 Arte Via Stenden Kempen
  • 2000 Sculpture Exhibition Kaiserstraße and Museum Siegburg Sculpture Exhibition Goes Netherlands Installation “we are standing” Markthalle Oberhausen Competition exhibition Moerser Art Prize, Städt. Gallery Peschkenhaus
  • 2002 Exhibition of the first in the competition for the anti-fascism memorial Salzburg Galerie Genius, Düsseldorf
  • 2003 "Artists for Emaus" Rathaus Krefeld Competition exhibition Art Prize Karlsruhe
  • 2004 "SPRING" installation of the Wachtendonk waterworks
  • 2005 “Cloud Cuckoo Home” installation for Gallery Day Krefeld
  • 2006 Exhibition in the Mies van der Rohe building of the BKK-Futur, Krefeld performance "Hommage à Fragonard", Behnischbau Krefeld "Art in the cloister" Monastery Marienthal near Wesel
  • 2008 Artothek Krefeld "Make yourself comfortable" Installation Ostwall Krefeld
  • 2009 new atelier Forstwaldstraße
  • 2011 "LIGHT INCIDENTS" Gallery Chiaocara, Krefeld
  • 2012 Exhibition PAPIER GLOBAL Stadtmuseum Deggendorf "Bachlaufen" Kunsthalle Arnstadt
  • 2013 Selection exhibition for the Perron Art Prize, Frankenthal (Palatinate) Selection exhibition 3rd International André Evard Art Prize, Kunsthalle Messmer "free ride" Krefeld Südbahnhof, BBK Niederrhein
  • 2014 Plan B - installation in the porter's lodge, factory Heeder Krefeld
  • 2015 The BIG Düsseldorf
  • 2018 Exhibition Placebo - Nocebo, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum Hilden
  • 2018 Selection exhibition for the Weilburg Art Prize 2018, Museum-Weilburg
  • 2018 "ROT" Gallery 35 Flowers Krefeld
  • 2018 "The universe and a few little things" Galerie Meta Weber Krefeld
  • 2018 annual exhibition at Zweibrüggen Castle, Übach-Palenberg
  • 2019 2nd prize of the exhibition Artworks XXL 2019, Bad Wörishofen
  • 2019 Between the Worlds Kulturaal Burg Brüggen
Technique: Acryl
Surface: Canvas
Year: 2020
Topic: Plants and Flowers
Image Size: 120 x 120 cm
Framed Artwork: No frame
Size: Large (upward of 120 cm)
Editions: 1 (Unique)

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