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Artworks by Artist: Schlanstein, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Schlanstein

  • born 1952 in Essen NRW

  • 1972 studied art history and civil engineering at the Aachen University of Technology

  • 1974 studied pedagogy and special education in Aachen and Hagen

  • 1980 founding member of the studio community "Werkstatt 80" in Krefeld

  • 1997-2007 Chairman of the Professional Association of the Professional Association of Visual Artists in the Lower Rhine District

Group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, prices (selection)

  • 1987 Prize in the competition "Memorial for the victims among the forced laborers of the Nazi regime" Krefeld main cemetery

  • 1991 Prize in the fountain competition for the Waldniel market square

  • 1993 LEG award for a sculpture idea for the Rhine Service Center

  • 1995 Competition exhibition Goerdelerehrung Rathaus Leipzig

  • 1996 INSTEAD OF BAD KUNST Krefeld, exhibition by the Frauenkulturbüro NRW Kunstverein Krefeld Kunst-Werkstadt, Düsseldorfer Stadttor

  • 1997 "Infinities" KUFA Krefeld

  • 1998 Arte Via Stenden Kempen

  • 2000 Sculpture Exhibition Kaiserstraße and Museum Siegburg Sculpture Exhibition Goes Netherlands Installation “we are standing” Markthalle Oberhausen Competition exhibition Moerser Art Prize, Städt. Gallery Peschkenhaus

  • 2002 Exhibition of the first in the competition for the anti-fascism memorial Salzburg Galerie Genius, Düsseldorf

  • 2003 "Artists for Emaus" Rathaus Krefeld Competition exhibition Art Prize Karlsruhe

  • 2004 "SPRING" installation of the Wachtendonk waterworks

  • 2005 “Cloud Cuckoo Home” installation for Gallery Day Krefeld

  • 2006 Exhibition in the Mies van der Rohe building of the BKK-Futur, Krefeld performance "Hommage à Fragonard", Behnischbau Krefeld "Art in the cloister" Monastery Marienthal near Wesel

  • 2008 Artothek Krefeld "Make yourself comfortable" Installation Ostwall Krefeld

  • 2009 new atelier Forstwaldstraße

  • 2011 "LIGHT INCIDENTS" Gallery Chiaocara, Krefeld

  • 2012 Exhibition PAPIER GLOBAL Stadtmuseum Deggendorf "Bachlaufen" Kunsthalle Arnstadt

  • 2013 Selection exhibition for the Perron Art Prize, Frankenthal (Palatinate) Selection exhibition 3rd International André Evard Art Prize, Kunsthalle Messmer "free ride" Krefeld Südbahnhof, BBK Niederrhein

  • 2014 Plan B - installation in the porter's lodge, factory Heeder Krefeld

  • 2015 The BIG Düsseldorf

  • 2018 Exhibition Placebo - Nocebo, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum Hilden

  • 2018 Selection exhibition for the Weilburg Art Prize 2018, Museum-Weilburg

  • 2018 "ROT" Gallery 35 Flowers Krefeld

  • 2018 "The universe and a few little things" Galerie Meta Weber Krefeld

  • 2018 annual exhibition at Zweibrüggen Castle, Übach-Palenberg

  • 2019 2nd prize of the exhibition Artworks XXL 2019, Bad Wörishofen

  • 2019 Between the Worlds Kulturaal Burg Brüggen

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items