Pink Sky

Abramovich, Patricia

  • Abstract landscape painted from imagination, with a painter knife directly on the canvas.
  • Abstract and neo-impressionist style in the sense of life and color.
  • Her abstract artworks express power and energy with bold brush strokes and intense colors.

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Below is the artist statement of our artist Patricia Abramovich from Israel.

"Art for me is the freedom to create with no boundaries, to express the diversity of color from which the human soul is composed.

Spreading color across a canvas is a means of meditation; I connect with my inner self. My hands just move with rhythm using the painter knife to mix the colors directly on the blank canvas. I choose the colors and let my soul conduct me, handling the knife as a brush.

The colors merge on the canvas on their own. I then use a spatula to paint over them in oil. When working in water color "aquarelle", I allow the colors to merge with the water in whatever direction they choose.

I feel when the artwork is ready and reaching a balance between the colors. I usually have no preconceived idea and am always curious to see the final results of my painting.

My major influences are Monet and Cézanne but I also appreciate the works of Van Gogh, Sissley, Renoir and Michelangelo. I am also fascinated with Japanese art and calligraphy and one day would love to exhibit in Tokyo."

Born in France in 1958, Patricia Abramovich remembers drawing portraits from magazines when she was 12 years old.

Having grown up in Paris, Patricia was influenced by her everyday surroundings. She considered studying architecture because of the beauty and elegant design she found in the buildings and streets of the city.

She has now lived in Israel for 37 years, emigrating from Paris to Netanya, Israel in 1972.

In 1996 she began private painting lessons and fell in love with colors using watercolors and painted aquarelles. She says, "Once I began painting I could not stop. I also studied sculpture and plan to devote time to exploring this medium in depth."

Painting with oils on canvas was love after the first lesson ... "I painted with brushes, then in 2007 I began to paint oil abstracts and landscapes with painter knives. I reached a special and personalized texture and style this way, by working with passion every free minute I had."

Last exhibitions

art market: 04/2019 Contemporary art show Hong kong, with Galerie Bruno Massa

solo: 03/2014 No Brush, Ein Hod Gallery, curator Daniella Talmor, IL

Technique: Oil Paint
Surface: Canvas
Country of Origin: Israel
Signed: Yes
Topic: Landscapes
Style: Abstract Art
Time Period: 21th Century
Image Size: 100 x 80 cm
Orientation: Landscape
Primary Color: Multi
Secondary Color: Pink
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)

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