Oxidated Oak Column and Garden Torch "Wings"- Dark - Handmade Art Object

Traloc, Stefan

  • Extraordinary garden torch with one burner insert on anoxidated oak spot.
  • If the spot is set up outside, she develops a gray patina.
  • There are already individual lava stones in the included burner, this burner can therefore be easily filled with liquid bioethanol and ignited.
  • With the supplied lid you can easily extinguish the flame, it also protects the burner and its contents from the weather.

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Pure bioethanol is also called bioalcohol and burns residue-free, thus clean and soot-free, which makes it a pleasure to use it in open fires.

The burner full with bioethanol burns for 1½ hours, but with heavy wind shorter.
It can be refilled after 10 minutes.

Column / Garden Torch
Unique, handcrafted garden decoration.

Weight: 42 kg
Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
Total Height: 170 cm
Used Materials: steel, oxidated
Oak: planed, darkened

The artist Stefan Traloc creates extraordinary steel works - handmade in his own workshop. Objects for the garden and living area are created, including fireplaces, garden and privacy screens, sculptures, lamps and birdhouses. Exclusive German craftsmanship and forging with quality steel.

Product Type: Firepits, -Torches
Technique: Metalworks
Year: 2021
Country of Origin: Germany
Total Size: 170 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
Weight: 42 kg