Steel Garden Wall - "Origami" - Modern Outdoor Ornament - 54 × 195 cm

Traloc, Stefan

  • Beautiful contemporary oxidized sheet steel Garden Wall or privacy screen. Customization possible.
  • With this garden wall you'll conjure up an atmospheric ambience in your garden.
  • Ideally the garden screen should be lighted up from the front, so the wall becomes a highlight even in the dark.
  • You can easily set up a privacy screen e.g. to the neighbouring property, on the other hand with this decorative element beautify your garden.

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This art piece will surely be an eye catcher in your yard!

The garden wall is mounted on 2 round steel pins of 18 mm diameter. These are 1 meter long and are included.
You only need a hammer to set up the wall: knock the round steel bars into the floor at the right distance, slide the wall over it, and you are good to go.

We create the garden walls in our own forge.
Therefore we are also able to produce special designs, e.g. name plate with house number.

Dimensions of the garden wall: 54 x 195 cm.
Weight: approx. 18 kg.
Materials used: sheet steel, rusted.

The artist Stefan Traloc creates extraordinary steel works - handmade in his own workshop. Objects for the garden and living area are created, including fireplaces, garden and privacy screens, sculptures, lamps and birdhouses. Exclusive German craftsmanship and forging with quality steel.

Product Type: Garden Screen Wall
Technique: Metalworks
Year: 2021
Country of Origin: Germany
Total Size: Dimensions of the garden wall: 54 x 195 cm.
Weight: 18 kg