Registering as an artist

Information about registering as an artist for free can be found by downloading this PDF-file.

Sales presentation

Colonia-Art is a sales platform for art on the Internet. We use the latest IT technologies, so that we can be found easily in search engines like Google, Bing and others. Many artists have their own website but they miss the knowledge and/or the finances to create a state-of-the-art web shop.

Colonia-Art offers a basis for these artists. We already have a number of works on the Colonia-Art platform, which is expanded constantly out of our own stock of over 1,500 works.

However, our goal now is to increase the number of works with a selection of active artists from The Netherlands, Germany and other countries, so they will be found on the internet all over the world.

Ready to Hang

It is possible to add a matching passe-partout and frame to the artworks. Colonia-Art takes care of this and the software offers several features for letting customers choose one.

In addition, the artist of course receives a commission on the increase of total price of the passse-partout and frame. To use these additional functions, the artwork needs to be shipped to Colonia-Art so it can be framed accordingly.

Of course you can choose to not make use of this service.

Categories for website visitors and customers

By choosing a category the buyer has the possibility to select works on paper, paintings etc.

These categories are not definitive and can be expanded in the near future with art- photography, sculptures, mixed forms of art et cetera.


There are several possibilities for shipping. If the artwork is bought without frame or passe- partout, the artist will ship the artwork directly to the buyer. If a customer buys an artwork including passe-partout and frame, we will send it.

Normally we ship the artworks horizontal (‘flat’) with DHL so the quality is preserved and the artwork will not get any wrinkles or folds.

We offer personal correspondence and consultation to work according to your ideas of presentation.

If you have questions or need more information, please send an email to or use the contact form to reach out!

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