Fernandez, Arman

  • Fine serigraphy on plexiglass 1973, hand signed and numbered (edition of 600), in good condition.
  • After Arman's so-called "allures d'objets", in which objects are inked and stamped onto paper or canvas by being hurled against the picture surface.
  • Neodadaism: Real objects from everyday life become Ready-Mades. The repetition of the same objects is characteristic of Arman's art. All his actions conceal a social critique of consumerism and the art business.




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Arman (civil name Armand Pierre Fernandez, 1928 - 2005) was a French-US-American object artist and co-founder of Nouveau Réalisme -  
a style that took up ideas from Dadaism and is therefore also called Neo-Dadaism.

Real objects from everyday life are declared Ready-Mades, so that found objects and rubbish are arranged into assemblages, accumulations and collages.

He became artist friends with Yves Klein and Claude Pascal and was also artistically influenced by the work of the German Dadaist Kurt Schwitters and by his encounter with the art critic Pierre Restany, who later became the theoretician of Nouveau Réalisme.

After a trip to Europe in 1947, attended the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
From 1949 he changed to the École du Louvre.

Technique: Serigraphy on plexiglass
Surface: Plexiglass
Year: 1973
Country of Origin: France
Signed: Handsigned and Numbered
Topic: Recyling
Style: Realism
Total Size: 50,0 x 50,0 cm
Primary Color: Brown
Size: Small (till 60 cm)

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