The water returned to the Marshes

Jasim, Saad

  • When the water returns
  • Portrait of a girl who lives in the swamps
  • The marshes have dried out of water since the 1980s due to the war between Iran and Iraq
  • In 2015, life and people returned to their hometown




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Education: Art Academy Baghdad 1981-1986

During my childhood I grew up between my father's art. Since then my interest in it has increased. Because of this I studied graphic art at the art academy in Baghdad. After my studies I worked as a photojournalist in my native Iraq.

I migrated to the Netherlands in 1999. In the Netherlands I had many opportunities to further develop my talent. I have followed various courses in the field of photography and camera journalist.

In 2002 I published a photo album about the lives of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. I also gained experience as a camera journalist from the Netherlands for an Arab channel. I also made several short films that were shown during the Arab film festival in Rotterdam and Abu Dhabi film festival.

Technique: Photo on Canvas
Year: 2011
Country of Origin: Iraq
Signed: Yes
Topic: Daily Life
Style: Realism
Total Size: 80 x 120 cm
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Brown
Comments: Edition 1 of 5
Photography Technique: Digital
Framed Artwork: Yes, Ready-To-Hang!
Size: Large (upward of 120 cm)

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