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Material images

Stefan Hallberg's preferred motifs for his material pictures, or assemblages, are buildings that conjure up a smile on the face of their viewer, which seem to be winking at him. Originally designed in strong colors. Or the simple, washed-out little houses that the ravages of time have left their mark on the face, which seem to have outgrown a mason's trowel without special planning. The lack of financial resources was often compensated for by inventiveness and creative improvisation. Sometimes it's just fragments. However, he creates his pictures less with a brush than with a hammer, saw, pliers, tin snips and other tools. For this he uses materials such as wood, metal, cement, lime, sand, glass, rubber and of course glue and paint. The size of the pictures is usually 60 x 80cm.


As a musician, I started making music with my own compositions in the mid-1970s and published my single and LP productions with the record companies Teldec, Polydor, WEA and ALLWA. This was followed by acting training at the Frese school in Hamburg and numerous appearances in popular television programs on ARD and ZDF. At the same time intensive work in the fields of painting and photography. Exhibitions of photos and material images in Worpswede, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Xanten and Mar del Plata, among others. Establishment of his own recording studio and foundation of a record label. 1986 emigration to Argentina. I ran a recording studio in Buenos Aires and worked as a music producer, singer and composer. I have been living in Germany again since 2001 and I am working intensively again on material images and photos that I exhibit in themed exhibitions such as: "Moments & Fragments" and "Everyday Aesthetics". Also new releases of music CDs, e.g. Since then, I have realized "The White Horse Rider" based on a novella by Theodor Storm, the jazz & poetry album "Grundlos zärtlich" and a CD with songs entitled "The Hat of My Wife". Not to forget: The Wendland song "We live Wendlanders" In 2010 I published an autobiographical novel entitled "Vanishing Point Buenos Aires" and the poetry book "Daylight" by Edition Talberg. I am currently on the road with my multimedia reading "The Schimmelreiter".

Tel. 05864 98 70 577
Mobile: 0170 123 33 32

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