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Artworks by Artist: Duynen, Isaac van

  • Isaac Gerritszoon van Duynen (1628 - 1679 / 1681)

The art of Isaac van Duynen: a specialist in the genre of the fish still life in the Dutch Golden Age.

Born in Dordrecht, van Duynen travelled to Italy in the 1650’s and upon his return settled in The Hague. There he and Abraham van Beyeren both painted fish still lives, the first in a broad and loose painterly manner, van Duynen in a finer style, which to modern onlookers today almost appears as anticipating photorealist painting of the 20 th century. However, where photorealism intends to create a sense of alienation in its use of cool tones of the same range and intensity, Van Duynen reduces his colors to enhance the sense of beauty and magic connected to all living species, in this case the salt water fishes he has chosen to depict.

As a true specialist in the genre van Duijnen gained considerable success with his paintings at the time. His paintings are frequently mentioned in inventories of highly placed officials of the government. The present painting, although undated, is probably from the 1670’s and belongs to the best works by the artist.

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  • Isaac van Duynen was a 17th century painter, specialized in fish still lifes. Born in Dordrecht, he settled in The Hague around 1650. We know from 17th century sources that his paintings were and still are highly valued and appreciated. The choice of fish is one of the species that were caught for consumption in the North Sea at the time. Although they...

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