North Atlantic Light

Kooning, Willem de

  • The work is a sea landscape in which the artist put thick paint strokes on canvas in an expressive way resulting in various kind of brush strokes.
  • The contours of a small sailing boat are mirrored in the water.
  • This work is an exclusive print!

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North Atlantic Light is 1 of the master artworks by Willem de Kooning, made in 1977 and for viewing in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

In that time the painter lived at the Amerikaanse coast (East Hampton).

The work shows how Willem de Kooning is a true master of the Abstract Expressionism.

The print is in top condition and can be framed with a high-quality (black) frame if you wish.

Willem de Kooning (24 April 1904 - 19 March 1997) was a Dutch abstract expressionist artist. He was born in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He moved to the United States in 1926, and became an American citizen in 1962.

Technique: Color Lithography
Year: 1977
Country of Origin: England
Topic: Landscapes
Style: Expressionism
Time Period: 20th Century
Image Size: 70,0 x 60,0 cm
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: Yellow
Secondary Color: Blue
Frame Style: Modern Frames

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