Galeria Joan Prats

Alberto Porta Zush

  • Color lithograph
  • Made on the occasion of the exhibition 1990/91
  • In good condition




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Alberto Porta (also Albert Porta i Muñoz; b. 1946 in Barcelona) is a Spanish-American painter, multimedia and computer artist known by the pseudonyms "Zush" and "Evru".

Self-taught as a painter and draftsman in 1975 he received a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge to study holography.

Alberto Porta created two different identities. Zush, a "psycho-manual-digital artist" and Evru, a "scientific-mystical artist".

Technique: Color Lithography
Year: 1946
Time Period: 20th Century
Total Size: 76,0 x 56,0 cm
Primary Color: Beige
Secondary Color: Grey
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)

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