Delle Primavera

Bruni, Bruno

  • "Delle Primavera", "In Spring": Color offset lithograph, signed by hand. Tender allegory in pastel nuances.
  • Fantastic Realism, Surrealism: Bruni processes subjective impressions in an individual way by placing his motifs in unconventional contexts and staging them sensually.
  • At the same time, he reveals a sceptical view of isolated figures alienated from their time, between truthful beauty and fragile melancholy.
  • In good condition, minimal marginal defects.




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  • Bruno Bruni Sr. is born in 1935 in Gradara and is an Italian Lithographist, Graphical Artist, Painter and Sculptor.
  • Bruni has lived in Hamburg for over 40 years and studied at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste under the famous painter and graphic artist Georg Gresko.
  • Bruni became commercially succesful in the 1970s. In 1977 he won the International Senefeld award for Lithography. Since now he is one of the most succesful and famous Italian artists in Germany and one of the most famoust Litographists in Germany.
  • 2014 Awarded an honorary doctorate in painting and sculpture from the Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan.
Technique: Color Offset Lithography
Country of Origin: Italy
Signed: Yes
Topic: People
Style: Realism
Time Period: 20th Century
Total Size: 131,5 x 96,5 cm 
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: Pastel Pink
Secondary Color: Grey
Size: Large (upward of 120 cm)

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