Kitchen still life

Lichtner-Aix, Werner

  • Color offset lithograph
  • in good condition
  • slight marginal defects




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Werner Lichtner-Aix (born 24 July 1939 in Berlin, † 10 August 1987 in Munich) was a German painter and graphic artist. The name Werner Lichtner-Aix stands for the Apollonian landscape: landscape, stripped of all accessories, exposed in its essence, radiant with color. In his paintings the ancient of the earth, touched by man, and the cosmically invulnerable, through the perfect application of color and light, become a harmonizing poetry of unity.

Technique: Art Print
Total Size: 60,5 x 41,0 cm
Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Sienna
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)

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