Bultman, Willem




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  • The statue depicts a woman sitting at the table.

  • There are two people to greet each other in speaking and try to be each other. That sometimes opens, but often also rivet.

  • The table that is a split splice, but also has connections, is a metaphor for the situation.

  • The person does not lift the chair but his with the plate. Because they are inextricably bound to this panel, they are even more part of this panel and therefore also of this metaphor.

  • The work is based on the theme “figure in space”.

  • It shows people looking for others, but also for freedom and space.

  • The statue is figuratively executed in a separate test, while it must still have a certain amount of body tension.

  • The image is dark and rusty brown patina started and delt wax treatment and callous count has remained on treatment. This creates it partly in finish.

Born on 13 July 1951 in Oldebroek.
In June 1995 graduated as a teacher drawing and painting at the Hogeschool Windesheim in Zwolle.
Besides architectural, drawing teacher and autonomous artist.

Technique: 3D-figure
Surface: Bronze
Year: 2004
Country of Origin: The Netherlands
Signed: With certificate
Topic: Figure
Style: Realism
Time Period: 21th Century
Image Size: 16 cm high
Total Size: 18 x 16 x 11 cm
Primary Color: dark brown
Secondary Color: Brown
Size: Small (till 60 cm)
Editions: Image in bronze the 7th of a total of 9 copies

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