Lock Soft Down

Hanrieder, Ralf

  • "The waves are not the sea" Two realities of a structure arise. The figure on the right shows the image at Daylight (waves) next to it the same picture with black light (sea).
  • The perception changed as a result produces two levels of the same subject, one outside and one inside or one in front of and behind, an image in front of the mirror and the image behind the mirror.
  • It breaks the boundaries of visible experience, as if you were on the waves of the sea and mistake it for the sea.




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Technique: Drawing
Surface: Cotton
Year: 2020
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: Sun
Style: Abstract Art
Total Size: 115 cm x 175 cm
Primary Color: Orange
Secondary Color: Blue
Comments: The colors are black light colors
Size: Large (upward of 120 cm)

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