Leaves 2

Flexer, Iris

  • In the series "Leaves" several printing plates are printed over each other in linocut technique
  • She shows plants recessed as negatives or as shadows in a play of colors
  • Iris Flexer is all about keeping up the beauty of the creation 
  • This paper belongs to a series of twelve - every single one is unique
  • Artwork is delivered with a passepartout

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Iris Flexer, freelancer (Painting, graphic reproduction, installation) in Stuttgart.

She studied art studies at the University Augsburg and deepened artistic and typographical studies in Salzburg, Paris und Venice.

Exhibitions at home and abroad.


Iris Flexer is a freelance artist (painting, printmaking, installation) from Stuttgart.

She completed her art studies at the University of Augsburg and deepened her artistic and printing studies in Salzburg, Paris and Venice.

The artist is represented in exhibitions at home and abroad. Find out more at www.iris-flexer.de

Technique: Color linocut
Surface: Handmade Paper
Year: 2019
Topic: Plants and Flowers
Style: Abstract Geometric Art
Image Size: 35 x 51 cm
Total Size: 50 x 70 cm
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Green
Passe-Partout: Yes

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