Calculating Price

The artist determines the price himself. At this point Colonia Art provides support or suggests which options can be used to calculate an art price.

For the calculation of the price of a work of art there is the formula: width plus height (plus depth) multiplied by the "artist factor" (for aspiring academic artists the factor for paintings is between 5 - 10 and for sculptures between 10 - 15 < sup> * ). In addition, you can add a multiplication by the "cost factor" to the formula to take into account whether materials that are above average or other costs have been incurred (between 0.5 - 1.5: e.g. pencil drawings receive a 0.5 and oil paintings a 1.5). This results in the following formula:

Size (width + height) x artist factor x cost factor

Try to find a balance between the options "cheap and sell a lot" or "expensive and sell little".

The variables width and height as well as the cost factor in the formula should take into account the scope and material costs. If necessary, you can also the rental costs for a studio, time (i.e. hours worked) and other factors, such as. For example, integrate the cost of shipping into pricing.

In the course of a Colonia Art presentation, you only incur costs for a specific sale. Then Colonia Art will invoice you with 20% commission plus 21% VAT. on the commission : For example, Colonia Art charges € 240 commission plus € 50.40 VAT at a retail price you have set of € 1200. You can also assign these costs to the retail price.

For the presentation on C.A. we ask you to round off or round off the calculated retail prices to a 0 or 5, that is, for example, instead of € 198, € 195 or € 200 should be given.

* The factor can be extended to 30.

1 Beginner, or work suitable for decoration
2 Amateur artist, student at the academy or in art education
3 A good amateur artist, an advanced student
4 Recently graduated from an artistic education or self-taught with professional knowledge and skills
5 Artist with several years of experience
6-8 Artist with some years of experience and fortitude or individuality (own style)
9-12 Advanced painter who works regionally and is known regionally
12-17 Professional artist who is already known nationwide
17-23 Renowned artist with fame in his own country and fame in neighboring countries
23-30 Renowned artist known at home and abroad
30 -... Renowned artist with continental or world fame