Still life Table

Madiai, Mario

  • Colour Lithography
  • On vat paper
  • Hand-Signed
  • Numbered, Set: 125+XXV

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  • Mario Madiai was born in 1944 in Siena and studies at the Art Institute of Lucca.
  • When he was young, he moved to the coastal town of Livorno, where his early-ripe talent was recognized by critics, collectors and expers.
  • Sinds the start of the 1970's, Madiai has had great success and artworks from his hand are seen in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Technique: Color Lithography
Surface: Handmade Paper
Signed: Handsigned and Numbered
Topic: Foods and Drinks
Image Size: 58,0 x 38,0 cm
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: Multi

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