002_1 Flood of Images

Centmayer, Marcus

  • Abstract acrylic works on cardboard from the Ukraine series Flood of Images 2022.
  • The works were part of a contribution to Flux4Art 2022/23 in the Steinhalle of the Landesmuseum Mainz.
  • 80 x 120 cm.
  • The Stone Hall in the Landesmuseum Mainz exhibits the most important collection of Roman stone monuments north of the Alps. The Dativius Victor Arch is the centrepiece of the exhibition.
  • I have based my installation, a group of 9 individual images, on this claim to power of the Roman Empire that has become stone. Currently, the Flood of Images series includes over 40 images.

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After 24 February 2022, I could no longer hold on to my series Cellar Door and Concierto de Aranjuez, which follow on from Miles Davis and which I had submitted to the national art show Flux4Art.
A retreat into the apolitical, into an idealistic professional image committed solely to the pure and formal beauty of art would contradict my understanding of the possibilities of the visual arts in an open and free society. I began with the Flood of Images - Ukraine Series.

About the working process: The corrugated cardboard is taped and the tape is then cut with a cutter. The handcrafted artworks are characterised by a special style inspired by Street Art and Ready Made. Slight bleeds on the top layer and undercuts on the folded and creased parts of the cardboard are not subsequently laminated in the spirit of this charm.

After apprenticeship as a stonemason, studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Karlsruhe, master class with Hiromi Akiyama. Large sculptures at various symposia in Krastal, Austria, Skulpturenweg Rheinlandpfalz, Spain. Div. public purchases for solo and group exhibitions.

Studio in Worms since 1990. Member of the BBK Rheinland falz and BBK Mannheim, Association of Freelance Sculptors Baden-Württemberg.

Technique: Acryl
Surface: Cardboard
Year: 2022
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Yes
Topic: Other
Style: Abstract Art
Time Period: 21th Century
Image Size: 80 x 120 cm
Primary Color: Yellow
Secondary Color: Blue
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)
Editions: 1 (Unique)

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