Greed II

Frochaux, Ondine


Good Condition

  • The hand grabs, greedily, and it is already too late: many objects collapse: a wine glass, a vase, a plate, a knife, a sugar bowl ... the wallet empties, the candle tips over and begins to burn notes .
  • One action is enough ... and it is already too late.
  • Such disasters are caused daily all over the world by the greedy behavior of people, which leads to global warming.
  • At some point it will definitely be too late. We should learn to control ourselves!


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Surface:Handmade Paper
Country of Origin:Germany
Handsigned:Handsigned and Numbered
Time Period:21th Century
Image Size:30 x 45 cm
Total Size:43 x 55,5 cm
Primary Color:Black
Secondary Color:White
Comments:The prints are limited to 22 and numbered. However, each print is unique because I do not use a press and I print by hand.
Size:Small (till 60 cm)
Editions:1 (Unique)
Genre:Still life