The Kitchen

Frochaux, Ondine

  • "The Kitchen" (after a poem by Annette Droste-Hülshoff), Woodcut of the artist Ondine Frochaux.
  • Limited edition.

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  • Here I was inspired by a poem from the romantic period by carving its chorus into the picture. The poem is called "Unrest" and was written by the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. It describes the bleak situation of women at that time.
  • In the picture I have shown the woman standing in front of her stove and dreaming of a free life. Several symbols are visible in the picture: on the one hand, those that indicate the need, such as the rope and the fish out of the water. On the other hand, those that represent liberation, such as water, birds, nature, etc.
  • The topic is still very topical and affects everyone. It is not just about the topic of "women and men", but about the liberation from everything that prevents self-development ... for the artist who wants to do something good, it is an everyday struggle. André Breton writes about this in the book Nadja. He regards the artist's path as a constant "unleashing".
Technique: Woodcut
Surface: Handmade Paper
Year: 2016
Country of Origin: Germany
Signed: Handsigned and Numbered
Topic: People
Style: Classical Modernism
Image Size: 45 x 30 cm
Total Size: 55,5 x 43 cm
Orientation: Portrait
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: White
Comments: The prints are limited to 22 and numbered. However, each print is unique because I do not use a press and I print by hand.
Size: Small (till 60 cm)
Editions: 22 prints

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