Yin Yang

Hovius, Karin



With Photoshop technique, new insights are shaped for the viewer. Through the ancient symbol of yin yang, a balance is created, creating space in the mind. This space, around and inside the symbol, is becoming increasingly thin, so that a different vision of reality can emerge. What kind of vision is different for everyone.


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After my retirement I started to make collages with Photoshop technics. I am autodidact. My education was Gymnasium B, Master French and Master Biology. My profession was teaching Biology on a Gymnasium. That has nothing to do with art, unless one can uplift teaching to an art. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.

The motivation for this work was my consciousness that we filter the world around us and bring it into a map. This information is then fixed. And we are no more able to look behind or through this information. That brought me to photography simple objects and combine them so that one can look “through “ and enter another layer of reality. From that point of view the collages can speak with you in their own language.

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Technique:Digital Art
Surface:Fuji Crystal DPII
Country of Origin:The Netherlands
Handsigned:Handsigned and Numbered
Topic:Religion and Spirituality
Style:Abstract Art
Total Size:70 x 50 cm
Primary Color:Gold
Secondary Color:Green
Comments:Sizes in relation to the original ones can be ordered
Photography Technique:Digital