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Artworks by Artist: van Dongen, Kees

Kees van Dongen was a Dutch-French painter who was one of the leading Fauves. The early paintings of van Dongen were influenced by Hague School symbolism before evolving into a rough pointillist style. The use of form and color of his paintings became more and more radical after 1905 when he took part in the controversial Salon d'Automne exhibition. Often regarded as one of his most important works, his works from the period of 1905–1910 depict dancers, singers, masquerades, and theater performances.

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    Two ladies in pink dresses who do not use clothes as a means of self-expression but blindly follow fashion, turning into mannequins. Sensual and slightly flashy figures emphasize painterly qualities and strong color.  Created for the portfolio "Regards sur Paris" edited in 1962 by Andre Sauret Numbered, dated and titled in the stone Edition: 150 In...

  • Fauves stylized scene - a couple having dinner in Montmartre while a street musician plays guitar. With the light of the lamp, the general outline of the figures appears to have intense colors and contrasts of blue, red, and green. Numbered, dated and titled in the stone Edition: 150 In great condition

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items