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Artworks by Artist: Szekessy, Karin

Karin Székessy (born 1939 in Essen, Germany) worked mainly as a photo reporter for magazines such as Kristall, Graphis or Twen until the 1960s, when she turned to free, artistic photography, especially nude photography, from 1963.

The representation of the female body is co-created by the mostly amateur models, who move freely and self-determinedly in front of the camera. The female view of a familiar observer emerges, instead of that of the demanding voyeur with which Székessy creates her famous poetic girls.

In the 1970s, artistic correspondences with her husband, the painter and sculptor Paul Wunderlich, emerged. In their collaborative works, both artists sometimes portray the same model in their own way, creating perspectives of the beauty and eroticism of the female body.

1957 to 1959 studied photography in Munich.
After 1966 works as a freelance photographer for press and advertising.
1967 to 1970 apprenticeship at the Werkkunstschule in Hamburg, specialising in fashion photography.

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