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Artworks by Artist: Monory, Jacques

Jacques Monory was born on in Paris.

After training as a painter and decorator at the School of Applied Arts in Paris, Rue du Petit-Thouars, Jacques Monory worked for ten years at the art publisher Robert Delpire and participated in the collection "Essential Encyclopedia".

He died on Oct. 17, 2018, in his hometown.

He is one of the main representatives of the narrative figuration movement , which opposed abstract painting in the mid-1960s .

Monory's paintings are deeply concerned with the violence of everyday reality and suggest heavy and threatening atmospheres. The themes are developed through series and the images he uses are taken directly from contemporary society. Photographic and cinematographic borrowings, the use of monochrome, the coldness of touch and composition characterize a unique style, committed to representation and often dipped in shades of blue.

Jacques Monory made several films, of which the first, EX- , an experimental film, 1968, then Brighton Belle 1974, The Thief 1984, The smaller gesture 1988 can make a mark .

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