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Artworks by Artist: Konst, Carl

Carl Konst, born in 1940 in Westphalia, Germany.

His profession as a paper restorer has influenced the collage techniques of paper, textiles and natural materials in his works.

Student at the Folkwang School in Essen: Development of an individual artistic expression through the shaping and maturing of his painting style:

Multi-layered use from a naturalistic impression of Renaissance as well as 19th century painting, the abstracting symbolism of Art Nouveau as well as the increased use of intensive colour scales over the years.

His works have received a number of awards in Germany. Within a long history of exhibitions, presentations in New York, Birmingham and Tokyo are particularly significant.

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  • Contemporary figurative art, art print on canvas signed in print, mounted on wooden frame, in good condition. Symbol of a view with a portrait of a woman: Konst shows symbolic content by using idealised female bodies and faces. The painter achieves the stylised colour contrasts by using modern painting and mixed techniques of acrylic and oil paints as...

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