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Artworks by Artist: Zwollo, Adelheid

Adelheid Zwollo

Studied graphics and music at the Academy Rietveld Conservatory.
1981 - 1986 Activities and associations: numerous exhibitions, also abroad, Conservatory Amsterdam Graphic Arts, final examination soloist training.

1964 - 1970 Activities and associations: Played in an orchestra for two years, founded a salon orchestra and played in many ensembles, including playing the cello in a string quartet and founding a flute trio.

Abstract painting style with lots of colour. The artist leaves the pictures untitled so as not to influence the imagination. Often figures or landscapes can be recognised associatively in the pictures.

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  • Colour intensive silkscreen, hand signed and numbered 80/125. Print 1998, Not framed. The artist works with bright colours and thick application of paint in the original, using palette knives. Abstract graphic forms correspond with a bright colour palette to create an intense artistic expression. The blossom of a rose can be seen in the red areas of...

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