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Artworks by Artist: Boonacker, Ronald

Boonacker is an autodidact who started painting during his many travels. He first expressed his love for art through his art lectures in Rome, Florence and Venice.

He mainly works with acrylic paint in many bright shades, occasionally interspersed with silver or gold. Boonacker has a sunny outlook on life. Tropical beaches, islands and palms are his favorite subjects. It is therefore not surprising that his works have titles such as Una serata toscana, Royal palms, Route du soleil.

Does he mainly get his inspiration from abroad? "Actually yes. I like to work from picturesque environments. When you stay there for a while, the inspiration comes naturally. I am often touched by something in the landscape, for example a sunset or the light. That stays with me." However cosmopolitan his art may be, the basis for his canvases lies in the Dutch traditional still lifes and landscapes. Boonacker unmistakably has its roots in the Netherlands.

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  • Colour-intensive silkscreen, hand-signed and numbered 50/150. Print after 1900, not framed. In the style of traditional Dutch landscapes. The villa in the distance, surrounded by agricultural fields, refers in an intensely monochrome red-black representation to the picturesque landscape, which is always the basis of Boonacker's works.

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