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Artworks by Artist: Hutter, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Hutter

Born 1928 in Vienna and died 2014 - painter, draughtsman, graphic artist and stage designer. Hutter is considered a co-founder of the Viennese School of Fantastic Realism.

Hutter's visual language is characterised by artificial paradises of gardens and fabulous scenes. The stage-like paintings also reveal influences of Surrealism. His work is said to have been influenced by psychedelic experiences.

Son of the painter Albert Paris Gütersloh, who taught him at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and had a lasting influence on his artistic style.
1947 First exhibition of one of his paintings at the "Great Austrian Art Exhibition" in the Vienna Künstlerhaus.
Founding member of the Art Club, in whose 1948 exhibition in Vienna's Zedlitzhalle the formal language that later became known as the "Viennese School of Fantastic Realism" (with Ernst Fuchs and Rudolf Hausner, among others) manifested itself for the first time.

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