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Artworks by Artist: Wessel & Waldhausen

Robin Waldhausen is a surgeon and was given one of the first BioNTech / Pfizer vaccinations in February 2021: "When I held the first vaccine vial in my hands, I realized that I was about to become part of the Corona era, a turning point in our recent history. "

Malte Wessel is a software engineer and is interested in aesthetic image processes. Artistic role models are Banksy and Keith Haring, who take up social processes and phenomena in their works and return them to the viewer, aesthetically illuminated, often in a humorous and ironic way.

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  • Concept Art, Readymade: Contains an original vaccine vial from BioNTech/Pfizer (from one of the first German batches), cleaned and without residuals. Custom made black frame with white spacer strip and mat. Limited to 100 copies. The vaccine ampoule as a contemporary document of the current corona pandemic: In pandemics, vaccination is considered to be...

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