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Artworks by Artist: Kapitanowski, Alexander

Alexander Kapitanowski (* 1953 Crimea, Soviet Union) was trained at the University of Moscow. Exhibitions since 1992: Winner of the NEW NAME Moscow competition, participation in national and international exhibitions, architect of the III International Biennale Cetinje, Montenegro.

Since 2014 he has lectured in the fine arts.

Member of the Association of Visual Artists (BBK)

Collections: MoRA (formerly the CASE) Jersey City NJ, Collection of Georges Matcheret and Nadia Wolkonsky Private collection Paris, Forum Jacob Pins im Adelshof Heisterman von Ziehlberg Höxter, State Hermitage Museum's collection of contemporary art St.Petersburg.

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  • This picture shows the vision with two people: screaming human and sitting death. Faces and body silouettes are indicated by a few lines and small areas of color. In the upper left half of the picture, a shadowy symbol for the Corona crisis appears. Various lines lead to abstractly designed parts of the picture. The colors black, red, yellow and green...

  • In the photo, the coronavirus is visible in the artist's eye. While the upper right half of the picture shows abstract forms, the other facial features such as the mouth, chin and other eye are only indicated by a few lines.

  • The picture shows characteristic facial features of a doctor. The eyes are emphasized, along with the forehead area. The nose and mouth, on the other hand, through the protective mask is only indicated. The dominant red, in contrast to the white painting ground, the paper, in combination with the subtle color accents in red, yellow tones and green...

  • Lockdown Art In the photo the contrast between life (top center) and death (bottom right) is symbolized. While life appears in white, death is a mixture of orange, brown, and black, creating a dense dynamic. On the run from death, a person stands out who in turn extends his hand after death in the shape of the orange (ancient Greek era).

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items