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Artworks by Artist: Müller, Bert

Born in Dresden in 1962
1981-83 studied mechanical engineering in Dresden
1985-88 studies the restoration of architectural versions in Potsdam
1988-92 restorer in the Museum Schloß Moritzburg near Dresden since
1993 freelance painter and restorer in Dresden
1995-2001 Member of the Federal Association of Fine Artists since
2011 Member of the Künstlerbund Dresden e.V. / Sächsischer Künstlerbund e.V. / Federal Association of Fine Artists
2012-2017 studio in the Künstlerhaus Dresden-Loschwitz
since 2016 studio in Leipzig
From the late 1970s, Dottore (Dr. Wolfgang Lehmann) established contact with Hermann Glöckner (1889 - 1987).
Since 1983 he has had a close friendship with the Dresden constructivist Wilhelm Müller (1928 - 1999).

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items