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Artworks by Artist: Burggraaf, Stella

Stella Burggraaf is a Dutch landscape painter living close to Amsterdam. She’s inspired by the dutch wetlands in the north of Holland where she was born and still lives. Stella graduated at the Wackers Art Academy (Amsterdam) in 2003.

Most paintings are made in her studio in Westknollendam. These paintings are not a registration of the actual landscape, but impressions of the polder as she sees it. Stella creates her own landscapes in a simple way. Searching for the Dutch atmosphere and wide views, with reflecting clouds on the water and muddy fields. When the weather is good enough Stella also works ‘plein air’. This results in more specific paintings showing the local area. She thinks it is fun to work outside, as it is always improvising and it gives her new insights in developping her future landscapes.

All art works are unique oil paintings.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items