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Artworks by Artist: Lammers, Han

With his rational designs, visual artist Han Lammers translates mathematical equations into tangible three-dimensional images, often in zinc.

This produces geometric, abstract work characterized by concrete and pure forms. In that sense, Lammers feels akin to minimalism and constructivism.

Because geometric shapes form the basis of his work, sculptures are created in which any kind of chance and therefore surprise are usually excluded in advance.

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  • Spins 90° is an alienating design. All angles are 90° and yet this shape. Presented on a wooden base with angles of 30° and 60°, entirely in the style of Pythagoras Zinc 16 and cold patinated.

  • Imagination of the YinYang symbol The two semicircles are shown differently in this design than in the original YinYang symbol Masculinity is (also) represented in this design by the triangle pointing up. Femininity is represented by the triangle pointing down

  • Theme: Roots in the Woods. In this the zinc is my "roots" and the trunk is the "woods". Made of zinc box section 50x50x50x100 mm and a tree trunk. Dark appearance of the zinc obtained by patinating with copper sulphate.

  • Design inspired by the A4 model. The proportions of the sculpture can be traced back to the proportions of the A4 format. If it were possible to fold this design together, another A4 would be created. Artwork made from zinc 16 that has been painted afterwards.

  • All angles in the design are 45 degrees. In the wooden part of the sculpture that is connected to the sinking there is also an angle of 90 degrees. The sculpture represents the Pythagorean theorem, in a ratio of 1: 1: √2. It also only contains 45 and 90 degrees Made of Douglas wood, zinc 16 and cold patinated.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items