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Artworks by Artist: Plaat, Dorien

Artist Statement - October 2017

In my work I look for purity; no major gestures, no artificiality, rudeness or caricature. I look for the moment in which the person actually tries to hide himself but still shows himself, shows his vulnerability in very small "gestures". Not completely naked or to the bone but on the edge of what is permissible. Who are permissible? To the edge because there is also a protection built in. Sometimes that lies in a necklace that distracts or a crown or bikini, a small smile ... diversionary maneuver .. the protection not to be burned or slaughtered, or perhaps fathomed. There is often also a distance, so far and no further. I'm stopping you.

The eyes most reflect the center there. The rest should not distract. The figures are only in the area. There is no environment that environment they are zefl. It's in them. The eyes are looking at you. Partly to keep an eye on you. How am I going to relate to you? on the other hand, cook because they may want to ask the viewer "Do you tell me who I am"? Look at me. But they also look jaan to provoke you. I show myself, but who are you?

The works of Dorien Plaat on Colonia-Art are frail with acrylic on linen, with themes such as transgender, humanity, and "own yourself".

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