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Artworks by Artist: Pel, Aagje

Artist Aagje Pel, who lives in Bergen op Zoom, has always been concerned with spatial forms. Since 1990, she has been painting intensively and combining spatiality with the flat work or allowing one to arise through the other.

For Aagje, the smallest piece of paper found on the street or a lived piece of wood has its own history. She takes it with her and lets something happen to it through her hands and fantasy. Random letters or misunderstood signs on cardboard boxes are also sources of inspiration. Rust prints, an old photograph sometimes get a mysterious appearance.

In this way Aagje gives old discarded things their own poetic life in a new context. It is a kind of traveling in the mind and an escape from daily reality. She finds peace in the reflection, the creative process and the portrayal of emotions.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items