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Artworks by Artist: Overkleeft, Joop

  • Joop Overkleeft is a painter, graphic artist and cool photo who 'lives' from the water and the rivers; it is his great source of inspiration and muse.

  • Overkleeft has been drawing and photographing since his childhood, and he eventually started at the art academy in Arnhem.

  • An exhibition by Sean Scully in Bieleveld determined the direction of his work.

  • The source of inspiration has remained and it is about the power of the limitation: balancing on the border between concrete and abstract.

  • Joop Overkleeft regularly participates in exhibitions, and makes paintings, woodcuts and photos.

  • Since recent years he has also focused on making Japanese woodcuts with traditional materials and methods.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items