Artworks by Artist: Matisse, Henri

  • Henri Matisse, 1869 - 1954, was a French art-Painter and Sculptor.

  • Hij is known for being the most famous French Fauvist

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  • Matisse, Henri

    The "Blue Nude" by Matisse from 1952 as a color offset on solid paper, signed and dated in the print. From a series of gouache cuts depicting sitting or standing female nudes in abstract form.

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    Matisse, Henri

    Colour Lithography On tight paper Signed and dated in the print

  • Matisse, Henri

    Design for a church window, Fauvism (Pre-Expressionism), simplification of the means of painting and strong color contrasts. Expression of the artist's inner visions of beauty, order, joy and enjoyment. The Christmas Night as a colorful message of the traditional idea of altruism.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items