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  • May Belfort, originally named May Egan, gained recognition as an Irish singer through her whimsical performances in Parisian nightclubs. Her repertoire featured eccentric songs, accompanied by the constant presence of her black cat, prominently featured in Lautrec's promotional poster. Lautrec employed four distinct lithographic stones and utilized...

  • This impressive offset lithograph by Serge Poliakoff, a significant figure in abstract art, captures the powerful dynamism of his work. The skillful interplay of red and blue in this harmonious artwork from 1972, part of the Munich Olympic Games Art Series, creates a fascinating visual tension and bestows upon the space an aura of refinement and elegance....

  • Fernando Botero, an outstanding Latin American artist, has shaped a world-famous style since the late 1950s. His art focuses on human life in exaggerated proportions, emphasizes fullness as an aesthetic feature and skilfully plays with the tension between opulent figures and reduced details. His works continue in painting through the exploration of space...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items