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Schaap, Nicole

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As a smith she designs and makes jewelry from her own graphic compositions. She allows lines and surfaces to flow into each other in an extremely skilful way. Her jewelry is therefore all minuscule works of art without equal.

As a painter she was strongly inspired by Karel Appel, Picasso and Miro. She has a unique style of her own, with a narrative character, certainly not figurative, but not purely abstract either.

In her paintings she knows how to combine her architectural lines with a range of subtle colors in a virtuoso way. This results in strong but very refined work, which is mainly characterized by its cheerful and fresh colours. In her paintings she uses contemporary materials and that gives a special effect to her work.

Her paintings evoke a special emotion, which can partly be traced back to her sparkling use of color.

Over the years she has more than proven her originality and creativity and her canvases are sold at home and abroad.

Technique: (Color) Screen Print / Serigraphy
Year: 2005
Image Size: 99 x 40 cm
Total Size: 110 x50 cm
Primary Color: Multi
Size: Medium (60-120 cm)
Editions: 85

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